National  Women's Golf Association:  Tel: 407.401.2951  or Email info

By purchasing membership, and or tournament entry fee, players are acknowledging their understanding of the NWGA's Policy and Procedures.

Membership:  NWGA sanctioned events are open to both member and nonmembers of the organization.  Members of the organization enjoy many perks and benefits that nonmembers are not eligible for.  Below are a list of perks and benefits;

  • Discounted tournament entry fees
  • Eligible to sit on the NWGA Players Board
  • Eligible to earn points in each event they play.
  • Eligible for the $5,000 player of the year Bonus. (Awarded to the top player on the points list)
  • Eligible for one of five $2,000 Q-School Bonus Award (Awarded to players 2-6 on the points list)
  • Eligible for Player of the Month Bonus ($525 value sponsored by Eggland's Best)
  • Priority Pro-Am participation
  • Priority entry into the Eggland's Best Tour Championship held in October at Sanctuary Golf Club in Beaufort, SC.


  • Both professional and amateur players are welcomed in NWGA Tournaments
  • Membership IS NOT required to participate.  There is a member and a nonmember entry available.
  • There are no minimum age restrictions to compete with the NWGA.
  • Amateur players must demonstrate the ability to be competitive during competition. 

90 or Higher Cut Rule:

  • Any competition posting a score of 90 or higher will be cut from the tournament.

2019 Membership Fee

  • Membership Fee's are non refundable.
  • $600.
  • 2018 Members of the NWGA; contact the tour for your renewal code to receive your renewal discount.
  • Membership expires upon completion of the final event in November 2019.

2019 Entry Fees

  • Professionals.      $525 (Members).      $625 (Nonmember)
  • Amateurs               $250 (Members)       $350 (Nonmember)  

Tournament Registration and Withdrawal Policy

  • All players will be required to register for membership, and tournament entry online.  No checks or cash will be collected on tournament site for tournament entries.
  • Registration Deadlines:  Entry deadlines are 5-10 days in advance.  
  • WD policy - There is a $20 admin assessed on all refunds.
  • Players may WD without penalty until 12 a.m., 72 hrs (3 Days) prior to a scheduled event.  
  • Players WD'ing after 12 a.m., within 72 hrs of the start of tournament will receive a refund minus $125 to cover course cost guaranteed to the course.  Entry fees may not be transferred to another tournament to avoid paying the $125 fee.
  • Once pairings have been posted, players are 100% committed to the tournament and will not be eligible for a refund of entry fees.  Exceptions;
    • Players getting into LPGA Tour and Symetra Tour events running concurrently with NWGA EB events will receive 100% of their entry fee refunded.  Players must be confirmed in the fields of the LPGA or Symetra event in order to get the refund.  Position on the Alternate list is not justification for late withdrawal.  Competitor must notify the NWGA staff prior to the start of the first round of their intent to WD.  If not, the player forfeits their entry fee.
    • Players that provide medical documentation justifying late WD may receive a refund minus course cost, provided they submit to the NWGA a physicians not accompanied by receipt for payment of services or insurance claim, etc.  A physicians note alone will not satisfy this section of the WD policy.  Documentation must be received prior to the start of the final round of the NWGA event.

Field Sizes:

  • All tournament fields, with the exception of the 2 Q-School Prep events in California will be capped at 78 competitors.

Tournament Format, Transportation, Purse & Purse Distribution

  • All events are 54 hole Stroke Play tournaments with NO CUTS!
  • Policy Change effective May 1, 2019, all tournaments except sponsored events will be riding events.  all walking events will be designated on the Tournament Information Page
  • All events have a payout to the top 38% - 40% professionals and ties.  A full field of 78 professionals, 30 pros and ties will receive a check
  • No prize money will be distributed without the proper tax forms on file.  Any prize money not collected by midnight December 31st of tournament year, will be forfeited.  It is the players responsibility to ensure the tour receives all tax and bank information for direct deposit. 
  • Unless tournaments have a guaranteed 1st place prize, tournaments with more than 40 professionals in the field will have a $3000 maximum 1st place guarantee.  The more professionals above 40, purse money will be distributed more toward the middle and bottom of the purse.   It is our goal to make the last check a minimum of $150 more than the member professional entry fee.

Cuts and Reduction of Rounds:

  • Policy Change effective February 28, 2019
    There will no longer be any 36 hole cuts based on weather, or potential weather.
  • In the event that weather moves in during the final round, if all players in the field do not complete 54 holes, the round will be cancelled and the results revert back to 36 hole scores.
  • Exception:  Based on how we do the final round pairings, if the leader groups have completed their final round, and there is no possible chance a player left out on the course can move up into the money effecting the payout, the event will be closed with those completing 54 holes.  Weather or darkness factors that effect player(s) on the course that cannot have an effect on the payout, those players will be withdrawn and the round will be deemed official.
  • However, if there is a player(s) left on the course that is playing well enough that they can move up into the money, and weather or darkness forces staff to discontinue play without that player(s) having the opportunity to complete their 54 holes, the round will be cancelled and results will revert back to 36 holes.
  • In the event, weather effects rounds 1 and 2, and we have to finish the second round on the final day of scheduled play.  The event will be official at 36 holes unless the course can facilitate enough start times for all players to play the final round.  In this scenario, if all players do not finish their final round due to more weather, or lack of day light, the round is cancelled and final results revert back to 36 hole scores.  If the course cannot facilitate enough start times for the final round, the event will be official at 36 holes.

Distance Measuring Devices & Greens Reading Materials 

  • Players are permitted to use distance measuring devices during competition.  Devices that measure slope; this feature must be disabled prior to use.  If the slope feature cannot be disabled, the device may not be used.
  • Greens Reading Material:  All GRM's must conform to the USGA recommendations listed on the USGA Web Site.

Pro-AM's, Pairings Party, etc:  All Eggland's Best Elite events have Pro-Am's.  IN ORDER TO KEEP OUR SPONSORSHIP FOR TOURNAMENTS, WE MUST be able to fill the pro-am teams.

  • ALL PLAYERS who register for an event MUST be willing to participate in the Pro-Am if needed.  Players not willing to fill a pro-am team if needed will be withdrawn from that tournament.
  • Most ALL  of the Pro-Am's come with compensation ranging from $50-$125.  These will be listed on the tournament information pages.
  • These Pro-Ams are designed to be a social atmosphere, providing networking opportunities for the players.  The key is to have FUN.
  • If you are playing in a pro-am you are expected to be at the pairings party.  Most all of the pairings parties are open to all players for those that want to attend.
  • Dress Codes:  Most pairings parties will have a relaxed dress code.  If there is a social engagement requiring formal attire, this will be publicized well in advance.

Alcohol and Drug Consumption

  • Competitors and Caddies are prohibited from being under the influence, or consuming,  alcohol and illegal drugs during competition.
  • Pro-Ams and Pairings Parties;  Players are permitted to have one drink during the pro-am.  Players are permitted to consume alcohol during a Pairings Party provided their behavior and demeanor remain in a sober state.  Any behavior demonstrative of a buzzed or intoxicated state, the player will be asked to leave the engagement.
  • Tour staff will enlist the help of another player, or staff member to safely get the player home.

Private Housing:

  • Almost all of the EB Elite Events will have Private Housing available for players.  To get your name on the list for housing please contact the person in charge which can be found on the tournament information page.


  • Players are permitted to employ caddies
  • Riding Events - All players are required to utilize a golf cart during competition.  Caddies must walk during play of the hole.
  • Walking events - Players are permitted to carry their own bags.
  • Walking events - Players are permitted to use pull carts if they prefer.
  • Caddies must adhere to the acceptable dress code.
  • Caddies may only wear flat bottom sole shoes or sneaker type footwear.  No Golf Shoes, either spiked or dimpled, are permitted.
  • Parents serving as caddies;  Any parent displaying behavior that puts undue stress or pressure on their daughter during competition, becomes verbally or physically abusive towards their daughter, and /or staff, or performs any of their caddie duties in a manner deemed unbecoming, that parent will be banned caddying in future NWGA events for the remainder of the tournament schedule.  Parents that refuse to comply may be asked to leave the property by host cub management.


  • For regular NWGA events, spectators may rent carts.  This policy is up to the host club and their ability to facilitate issuing carts to spectators.  Because we are not in control of this, the issuance of spectator carts will be inconsistent between host facilities.  It is wise to call ahead to find out their intentions.
  • For All EB Series events, spectators will be required to WALK.

Immigration Letters

  • The NWGA will NOT serve as a sponsor for any player regarding immigration and Visa processes.  It is highly recommended players enlisted the help of an immigration attorney.
  • The NWGA WILL provide players supporting documentation for the immigration applications provided that the player is;
    • A member of the tour
    • Commit to a minimum of five tournaments.  (Pre-register)
  • Players that adhere to the above criteria, receive a supporting letter from the NWGA, then subsequently begin to WD from tournaments they are registered for, will have the supporting letter revoked.  The NWGA will contact immigration to advise them of the change in status.